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Safe and Fun Activities

By: Karen Richards

Nestled among the trilliums in North Oshawa, TreeTop Eco- Adventure Park provides people with an experience that is sometimes hard to come by in Canada. In the Caribbean canopy tours and zip lines are abundant, but one thing that isn’t abundant in the Caribbean is safety regulations. In Canada, and Ontario in particular, our safety requirements are often 100 times more stringent than those in tropical countries. Our governing body, the TSSA, puts quite a bit of requirements on aerial parks and zip line operators making it one of the safest activities you can do outdoors.

New for 2016 TreeTop Eco-Adventure Park is introducing two new systems that make our park 100 per cent safe while still maintaining a high level of fun and excitement.

On our three adults courses we now have the CliC-It Mechanical Belay system. It works by a series of magnets and wires within the mechanisms themselves to completely eliminate the ability to unclip yourself while you are in midair. It is physically impossible to fool the mechanisms and therefore makes the adult courses safer then they have ever been. There is over 60 different elements or games in the trees including 6 zip lines with our Big Zip at 734’ and our Canyon Zip at 85’ in the air. Travers the Canyon Bridge and get of feel for walking in the clouds.

Our other new system is the Safe Roller Continuous Belay system on the children’s course. This system is simply a pulley on a tether attached to the children’s harness. There is no clipping and unclipping, the staff member at the children’s course helps slide the roller onto the wire at the beginning of the course and helps them slide off at the end. Children as young as five-years-old can now participate on the children’s course and there is no height requirement now for children. Parents love the added safety feature and kids love the freedom of zooming through the trees.

In addition to our courses we also offer Combat Archery. It is a game that takes elements of dodgeball and combines them with the ancient art of archery. What is more fun then shooting a foam tipped arrow at your friends or family members and battling them on the field like Katniss or Oliver Queen?

Team rates start at $30.00 per person which includes HST. We do offer special rates for school groups, sports teams, birthday parties and corporate events as well as a discount for our everyday heroes in the emergency services; Police, Fire, EMT and the Military.

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For reservations call 905-655-1113 and for more information, pictures and video check us out on Facebook, Twitter @TreeTopEco, Instagram @ treetopeco-adventurepark or visit our website at www.izipped.ca.

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