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Clarington Shamrox Looking for More than Just a Perfect Season


By: Clarington Shamrox

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Clarington Shamrox are starting off their 2016 season exactly as they did last season, scoring lots of goals and being stingy with what they allow. This year’s victories have already included a win against last year’s Meredith Cup champions Peterborough’s JRC Lakers who, no doubt are vying to repeat their winning season.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.44.01 PMAlthough the Shamrox are poised again to take back the title which, they have won 4 previous times and came close doing again last year, before losing to The Lakers in the semi- final round, there are some key things that need to fall into place.

Despite last year’s perfect season General Manager Brian Munro knows all too well that opportunities can come and go in the blink of an eye, especially if a team becomes complacent. Providing his thoughts on last season, Munro stated “Last year’s outcome hurt because, well, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t trade in a perfect season to win the Title. That’s what we are here for, that’s why we play the game, to win the Cup.”

When asked about this upcoming season and what can be expected, Head Coach Brock Harris proudly admits that the team will be “very strong” again this season but admits progression and improvement is always expected. According to Coach Harris, the team returns “a very good core group, including the league’s top 2 leading scorers” in Liam Osbourne and Aaron Woods. This, coupled with the “addition of some younger players will really add that much more depth, at every position”. Even though the team is leaning in the direction of continued success, Coach Harris knows that it will all come down to “Commitment and conditioning” if they plan on regaining the right to be called Champions.

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If anyone is interested in catching a game, the Shamrox can be seen, at Rickard arena which has affectionately been dubbed the “Shammy Shack”. The costs of games are $5 for adults, $2 for students and seniors, and Children under 12 are free. Not a lot to pay for 2.5hrs of some very spirited, fast paced entertainment. So, check your pockets for that spare change and come on out to help support your home team, The Clarington Shamrox. GM Brian Munro wants it understood “Everyone is welcome at the “Shammy Shack”.

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