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Blyth Academy Offers Flexibility For Student Athletes

For young athletes, finding the right balance between sports and academics can sometimes be overwhelming.

The rigors of training and practice schedules can make it difficult for students completing elementary, middle school, and high school to follow a standard timetable and meet class deadlines. As an accredited private school, Blyth Academy Whitby offers unique flexible scheduling and personalized academics for student-athletes grades 6 to 12. This cutting-edge restructuring of the academic school year has dramatic benefits, allowing students to engage in sports and fitness training throughout the day while still completing schoolwork.

Blyth Academy Whitby high school operates on a four-term schedule. Students take only two courses per term, as opposed to a more traditional semester setting (four courses a semester) or a full-year setting (eight courses daily spanning the entire academic year), allowing them to manage their academic workload much more effectively.

“Our two course per term structure allows students to feel less overwhelmed and provides a better balance between athletics and academics,” says Blyth Academy Whitby Principal, Kim Hacker. “We are a small school with small class sizes which means we know the students well. Our teaches are well aware when students have extensive periods of play-offs or try-outs, and can better accommodate their schedules.”

Average class sizes of seven students, combined with 2.25 hour classes taken five days a week, allow students more time for in-depth review. Our method also enables staff to give each student individualized attention on an ongoing basis. It leaves part of the day free for athletic and fitness training, and supports athletes who train outside of Ontario for part of the school year.

“Our four term schedule approach allows students, including those who train in warm weather sports, to take a term off and still earn most credits in-class during the school year,” affirms Principal Hacker. “For example, our golfers leave in February to a warmer climate for better training and still have time to complete three terms before they go, and one when they get back.”

In conjunction with our digital campus, Blyth Academy Online, students who spend a portion of the school year training outside of Whitby have access to over 100 high school courses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“When students take advantage of our online courses while they are away, they are able to complete the school year with the expected number of credits,” says Principal Hacker.

Students at Blyth Academy Whitby also have the opportunity to utilize summer school at the campus.

“Often we find that athletes that miss a lot of academic time, prior to joining us, sometimes have gaps in their schedules or some credits they haven’t earned along the way,” she says. “Our Blyth Academy Online courses or summer school courses allow them to catch up on a course they missed or prepare for a heavy year ahead.”

Additionally, Blyth Academy Whitby provides academics to student athletes who play in professional leagues outside of the city, and return home once their season comes to an end.

“We have a lot of students who play OHL hockey, who live in the area and when their season typically ends in March, they move home and have the ability to take two credits with us in term four,” says Principal Hacker.

The Blyth Academy academic model has proven success. Our alumni have achieved both academic and athletic scholarships from tier-one schools, competed internationally, and even play at professional levels. For more information visit

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