Fight your way into Shape

Why Boxing is a Great Way to Increase Your Fitness

Are you are tired of the same old gym routine, countless hours running on a treadmill, putting in hours and not seeing any results? Why not give boxing a shot? Here are a few reasons why:

Develop Self-Defense Skills

Boxing will teach you countless combinations of punches, it will teach you to defend and counter against attacks. This can be used as self-defense if you end up in a dangerous situation.

Weight Loss

Boxing can burn between 500-1,000 calories in one hour, depending on the intensity. Boxing will torch calories and greatly assist in your weight loss goals.

Build a stronger heart

Regular boxing sessions will help lower and maintain a balanced heart rate. It will help improve the strength of the heart muscles, building a stronger heart.

Build strong bones and muscles

Boxing improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups in the body. It will help strengthen and develop your joints.

Total Body Workout

Boxing involves punching, bouncing, ducking, pivoting it requires repetitive motions for your entire body. These repeated movements will provide strength and power to your arms, legs and core.

Relieve Stress

Boxing provides a great stress relief. It allows emotional release through physical conditioning. Research shows that people who box regularly are more cheerful, getting rid of stress and tension with every punch! Physical activity has proven to be beneficial in the management of stress; you won’t find a better sport to increase physical conditioning like boxing.

Channel Aggression

Boxing provides a good opportunity to release pent up anger. When you are punching, you will release your pent up frustrations. This will help you relax.

Boxing has something to offer everybody. I encourage you to stop in and see our classes and take some time and talk to our instructors. Whether your goal is to learn a new skill or you just want to get into great shape, Boxing is a fun and effective way to do so. Find a gym and “Add some punch to your workout”.

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