Sports Mom of the Month

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June 2019 Winner

Meet Lisa ...

Lisa Boyle is our Sports Mom of the Month this issue and really deserves this acknowledgement. Not only is Lisa playing her own sport of baseball but she makes sure Griff and Colt are involved and participating in high level sports. Griff plays AAA hockey and Colt plays AA for WMHA. Both boys are amazing athletes not only with hockey but soccer and lacrosse and whatever can keep them busy! Not to leave out her husband Brian who helps with both the boys hockey teams and is also a baseball and hockey player himself. Lisa I know that your family appreciates you and knows how special you are to them. Congrats!

December 2018 Winner

Meet SONIA ...

Her Son Andon (8 yrs old) started hockey at age 4 and plays hockey for Whitby Wildcats Novice AA . He also focuses on soccer in the summers and loves the sport .

Her daughter Adyson (4 years old) started dance with the Whitby Dance Company at age 2. This is her third year with the studio and is currently doing acro ballet jazz and tap

Andon also does soccer in the summers and loves it as well.  To add to the mix of everything, the family participates in hockey camps, swimming , you name it they are in it!

Sonia is also the sign holder at all Novice AA hockey games, and cheers on the team like no other!

Congratulations Sonia!

September 2018 Winner

Meet Karen ...

Karen is one of the most deserving and dedicated moms that anyone has ever met.  Her unwavering support on the sidelines for her sons has helped to grow their skills and passion for a multitude of sports.  Her encouragement as a proud mom and cheerleader has helped to  raise sons who are hard working and dedicated. Her youngest Dylan has played blast ball and t-ball this year with Karen coaching both years.  Dylan played hockey for his first year this year, played 3 on 3 with head start in the spring and is doing their summer program.  He is looking forward to starting again in September.

Austin started with t-ball when he was four and has played every year — Ben his dad also coached him every year. He is playing AAA minor rookie this year and Karen is managing

Austin started hockey when he was four, played select 6, MD 7 gold last year and Novice A blue this year.

Karen you are an amazing mom and mentor.  Let’s all salute you and recognize you this issue as Sports Mom of the Month.

June 2018 Winner

Meet Rachel ...

Rachel Guluzian is this month’s Sports Mom Of The Month and a very worthy candidate.

Rachel is the mom of two beautiful little girls Grace 7 and Charlotte 5 and wife to Steve. Rachel has made health and fitness and sports an important part of all of their lives and leads by example.

Rachel is at her gym every day, Are You Game Conditioning Club, and has been very successful  in races all across Ontario.  Her Multiple Spartan Races includes completing the Tri Fecta in 2017, 1st place finish in the women’s open age group 30-34 in the 2017 Spartan Super at Kirby, OCR World Champion Qualifier 2017.

She had a 4th place finish in the women’s competitive division 30-34 Spartan Beast in 2017 in Collingwood last year.

She keeps her girls busy with gymnastics, swimming, dance, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.

Steve is an avid baseball player and athlete. Congratulations Rachel, you deserve it!

March 2018 Winner

Meet Jenn ...

Jenn has been nominated as Pandora’s sports mom of the month by her family and friends. Not only is Jenn busy with her own sports but she looks after both her kids in more than one sport! Avery started skating at 3 with CanSKATE. At 4 she started soccer, hockey with the Wildcats (boys), and lacrosse. At 5, she continued soccer and started softball. She has played rep hockey and rep soccer and will be doing rep lacrosse this year. She can ski and enjoys volleyball too. Cameron started the same as Avery with skating at 3, hockey at 4, soccer at 4. At 5 he started lacrosse and played one house league year and two years in rep lacrosse. He has plans to re-join soccer after missing it for a year and to try hardball. Skiing comes easily too. Jenn lives for both playing and coaching/supporting her kids. Currently She plays hockey, volleyball, soccer and slow pitch. She has also coached Avery's soccer for two years, and looks after Cameron's lacrosse training for two years. Jenn is always ready to help and has been on many social committees for rep hockey!  You can see Jenn painting war-paint on faces or playing music for games when she is not behind the bench!

December 2017 Winner

Meet Coline ...

Coline has been nominated as the sports mom of the month by the coaches of MD 7 Gold. She is a proud mom of John, 7 and Maisie, 5. Coline goes above and beyond to ensure her kids are happy and active. Her 7-year-old-son John made the MD 7 Gold team this year and she volunteered to be the team manager. She puts in countless hours managing the team, coaches, parents, ice time, tournaments and more. This is in addition to making sure that John and Maisie are at all of their sporting events, present and on time. Aside from his MD7 team John also plays other sports with organizations like WISC, WMBA and Whitby Wolverines Spring hockey. Maisie keeps busy with her sports that have ranged from Durham Lightning, Highland dancing, WISC and Whitby figure skating club. No matter what sports their kids are playing, Coline and her husband Dave are not far behind them. Congratulations Coline on being our Sports Mom of the Month this issue, you absolutely deserve it.

October 2017 Winner

Meet Amanda ...

Amanda was nominated this month for Durham Total Sport's new feature Sports Mom of the month by her husband Chris. Whether it be karate, baseball, soccer or swimming for Ben she makes sure he is at every practice and cheering him on at every game. This summer she broke into coaching and co-coached Katherine’s U4 Whitby Iroquois soccer team. Being a working mother of two, we all know is hard and being able to make every game is even tougher. But Amanda makes it a priority as she believe that sports are very important for her kids to participate in. Thanks Amanda for being the Pandora Sports Mom of the Month!

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