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Nutrition is a Critical Part of Game Day Preparation Before you Hit the Ice

Hockey players are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world. A lot of this comes from strength and conditioning, but exercise is nothing without a proper diet. Balanced meals help jump start your brain and allow you to make key decisions during a game.

One of the worst things you can do is eat large meals before games. Balanced meals that are easily digestible are recommended so that you don’t have an upset stomach come game time.

With the amount of water weight lost under those pads, it is important to stay hydrated. There are several sports energy drinks out there that aid in hydration while also giving you the electrolytes you need to keep your energy up. The game of hockey will take a lot out of you and it is important to stay hydrated during your shifts and even after the game is over.

NHL players follow a certain regimen so that they are able to make smart plays and help their fellow teammates. Mental and physical training is important, but players should keep track of what they are consuming. If you want to play right, then you must eat and drink right.

For a more in depth look at ways to practice proper nutrition in the sport of hockey, check out the nutrition guide above.

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