Health is a Family Business

Whitby would like to help you to reach your minutes goal for physical activity

Your crazy week consists of a lot of rushing around. Today’s families are busier than ever; getting to school, putting in a full work day, packing lunches, getting homework done, driving to music lessons, getting to the arena for hockey practice and then to the soccer field for another practice….the list goes on. Dare I even ask it…Are you making the time to be a healthy family?

Today’s children and youth are more sedentary than a generation before them, and yes this includes the game time they get off the bench. Practice skills and drills will ramp up their activity more, but with school, homework, TV, video games and social media time spent every day, sometimes the fingers get more of a workout than anything else.

Children need 60 minutes of physical activity per day and adults need 30 minutes per day for optimal health.  You can fit it in, but it will take some decisions and healthy choices to make these changes in your routine. A little bit of planning can replace your old habits with some new healthy ones. Try to change one thing each month and by the end of the year, you will have added 12 good, healthy changes to your lifestyle. Yes, there is still hope for you yet!

Healthy Families Build Healthy Communities.

Be part of a healthy Whitby. Try a Family membership at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex. The fitness staff are waiting to assist you in making those small, healthy changes to your day and to provide you with ongoing support to help you stay healthy as a family. The Health Club offers family members age 14+ years full access to the Health Club equipment, amenities, services and programs, including public and lane swimming in the pool, and the saunas and whirlpools in the exclusive member change rooms. Younger family members, age 13 years and younger, have unlimited access to public swimming in the leisure pool, including the beach entrance water spray pool and the two storey water slide.

Visit for more family membership details.

Staying physically active improves your mental and physical health, your social wellbeing and helps to build strong families and communities.

You cannot afford not to make a change. Stop by the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex for a free tour or visit for more information. Come try it out. Your health is our business.

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