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Lakeside  Students Continue to Excel

As the hockey comes to an end, Lakeside Academy congratulates all of our students for their hard work over season.

With their leadership and dedication, our students helped their teams to finish strong. Lakeside students on the Whitby Wildcats Novice AAA won the OMHA Championship. This is the first time this age group has won gold since the 2004-05 season.

The team will host the OMHA Championship in Whitby next year!

• • •

Education is our first priority, but playing sports is a big part of our program.

As young, active kids, like most children, their energy is limitless. They need sports, and time to play, as part of their daily curriculum so that they can succeed in the classroom. Do the following accounts sound familiar?

“My child is having a tough time in her school.”

“Teachers complain that he can’t sit still.”

“She is disruptive and lacks focus.”

“His teacher recommends that he should be tested for ADHD. This is just not working!”

 There are solutions to these challenges: First, physical education is critical to success. Playing dodge ball two or three times a week is not enough activity.

Lakeside students receive elite hockey development during the day. They play baseball, soccer, golf, lacrosse and other sports too.

Second, our activity-based curriculum is designed so that students are constantly moving to different learning stations.

They build structures, solve STEM challenges, read with their book clubs, add to our word wall, and participate in various learning games.

There is no sitting still at Lakeside!

Third, we can deliver an activity, inquiry-based curriculum because we limit our class sizes.

With smaller groups, our teachers are not driven to simply manage classroom behaviour. They are free to create an effective learning environment.

• • •

Ninja Warrior Coming to Lakeside!

Coming to our campus in June, Lakeside students will have access to a Ninja Warrior course. If your child likes to run, jump, and climb, then your child will love our school.

The course features a salmon ladder, floating walls, sea of rings, cargo net, traverse beam, spider wall, slanted steps, and a warped wall.

• • •

Attend Lakeside for a Day

The best way to experience Lakeside is to join our school for a day.

Parents are welcome to stay and see our class in action.

Pick a day and meet our staff, see our new campus, and experience our academic and athletic program by emailing us at: or register at

Our doors are always open!

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