Todd Keirstead


Todd Keirstead has come a long way from shagging golf balls at Tam O’Shanter Golf Course in Scarborough Ontario as a pre-teen in lieu of rounds of golf.

Just last month he was one of the celebrities invited to play in LPGA Major Winner Brittany Lincicome Celebrity & Friends Golf Tournament to benefit the First Tee Program of St. Petersburg Florida. Standing alongside PGA, LPGA, MLB and NHL players the local guy who resides in Whitby Ontario had to pinch himself.

Over the years, this Canadian PGA member has found his niche in the golf industry and has taken the world by storm. From working in pro shops and selling green fees to helping individuals hone their games on the lesson tee Todd is now a world class golf entertainer.

Todd has been described as a true performer, doing things with golf balls normal human beings can’t even dream about. Todd merges advanced golf skills with great humor into his “Instructional Trick Shot Exhibition” that far exceeds any presentation of its kind. With his exceptional showmanship, his performance demonstrates the near impossible and unusual variations of hitting a golf ball. The one hour, fast-paced show leaves the audience electrified and energized as Todd’s skills are amazing and the assortment of shots produced with an unbelievable variety of unusual clubs is something to witness.

“Throughout the years I have had the wonderful opportunity of performing the Golf with Attitude Trick Shot Instructional Entertainment Demonstration show all over the world. From deep inside the Arctic Circle to the mountains of Mexico and most recently in Italy, Spain and France, Todd has entertained and have raised thousands of dollars for different corporate, charity and celebrity golf tournaments and the response has been outstanding” said Keirstead.

“I am and will always will be a sports fan and when I am able to hit golf balls for the likes of Dr. J, Marcus and Damon Allen, Bo Jackson, Joe Carter and a lot of the NHL current and past players I am like a kid reliving my hockey card collection. One of my biggest accomplishments was performing in New Orleans for the NFL Super Bowl Celebrity Classic in 2013.”

But it was a shot in which he utilized current NHL player Tyler Seguin as a human golf where Todd turned into a social media sensation. In less than a 24 hour period “The Shot” went viral with over a million and a half views and received both National and International press from The Golf Channel, TMZ, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, TSN and many more. This shot was later voted 2014 #1 Trick Shot by the Golf Channel.

With his blend of outstanding talent, as well as humor and informative instruction, the Golf with Attitude Show is exceptional and unmistakable! Throughout the show, comedy and dialogue add to the overall enjoyment but beware; don’t think you’ll just stand there and watch – audience participation is encouraged turning it into an interactive exhibition.

“I have been certified and trained to work with individuals with paralysis, amputee and multiple amputee, stroke, MS, visually impaired and post-traumatic stress disorder just to name a few through the Adaptive Golf Program in the United States. The certification not only allows me the ability to adapt a golf swing to their needs but also helps them as individuals mentally as well. This accreditation is something that I have gone above and beyond to receive and worked very hard to achieve. It is something that I am very proud of and deal with on a daily basis,” said Keirstead.

“It is only recently that my eyes have been opened to an even greater purpose. With my ability to hit the golf ball in an array of unique ways, I am able to simulate every situation that is presented to individuals. With examples of hitting golf balls from my knees, wheel chairs, utilizing prosthetic limbs, blindfolded to only using one or the other side of the body, I put myself in situations that each person can relate to and show them how they can recreate a golf swing to suit their needs,” said Todd beaming.

“Working with military veterans with both physical and mental situations, individuals with MS, Ceribal Palsy, Stroke, paralysis…really anyone that has lost the ability to have the “traditional golf swing” is now where my calling is. Introducing and reintroducing individuals back to the game of golf by adapting a golf swing based on their capacity gives them so much freedom and camaraderie.”

Todd is going to keep on delivering his comedic and inspirational message that has touched lives, young and old. It doesn’t matter how many limbs you have or which ones work, putting the ball in the hole does make people feel whole.

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