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Being physically active as a family together has many benefits, so take the time to make a plan. You need to evaluate realistically how much physical activity each family member is getting, then develop a plan on how you are going to change what you are doing, set new activity goals, and schedule activity into your day. Slow consistent change over a period of time achieves results.

Here are some tips to help you stay active as a family together:

• Create family activity goals outlining what you would like to achieve together and why.

• Get commitment from each family member to participate and encourage each other.

• Post your family activity goals in a common area where everyone can see them every day.

• Add your physical activity plan into your daily and weekly calendar.

• Each week have a mini physical activity planning meeting and commit to what you will do together, for that week.

• Find an interest that is important to everyone to keep it fun.

• Try something new or challenge each other to learn a new skill.

• Have commercial ‘exercise breaks’ while you are watching your favourite show.

• Post a family activity tracking chart to challenge each other.

• Use a smart phone Health app to track your activity and challenge each other.

• Post your successes and share with each other.

• Challenge your extended family members and your friends’ families to an activity challenge.

• Create healthy mini rewards along the way when you reach your goals.

• Take time once a month to reflect on what you have done, how you feel and the changes that you’ve seen.

Don’t worry if you hit some bumps in your plan. Keep focused, re-adjust and stick to it. Taking a healthy step forward, no matter how small, will take you in the right direction to a healthy family.

Support And Resources For Healthy Families.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines set out targets that should be reached daily and weekly for all age groups.  Challenge yourself to reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week by trying something new and fun. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines can be viewed in detail at

Try some of the Town of Whitby’s recreation and fitness programs at There is something for everyone.

The Durham Region Health Department has great resources to help families stay active at and the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex Health Club fitness professionals can help you to make life lasting changes.

Whitby Civic Recreation Complex (CRC) Health Club

Located at 555 Rossland Road East, the CRC has professionally certified fitness staff available on the gym floor at all times, ready to assist you as part of your membership. The fitness staff are all certified personal trainers by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) with CPR, First Aid and Public Defibrillator training.

Fitness staff are qualified to work with all levels of participants, from beginner to elite athletes and teams. Members can add on the Abilities Centre Associate membership for only $10 per month and have unlimited use of the indoor track and facilities at the Abilities Centre.

Unlimited babysitting can be added to an annual membership for an additional $10 per month per child or hourly drop in fees are available for parents participating in other programs in the facility.

Family Health Club memberships include unlimited access for you and your family to public swimming at two great pools, public skating at three world class facilities and drop in gymnasium sports programs at the Brooklin Community Centre and Library.

Family members age 14+ have full use of the CRC Health Club and private members change rooms that include saunas and hot tubs, as well as, the Healthy Start Program that includes 2 hours with a CSEP certified personal trainer who will provide a fitness assessment and design and demonstrate a personalized fitness program.

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