Time to Shape up, Durham!

Study shows we are a little "big" around the Region

Which group do you belong in - the 43% or the 57%?

Ongoing health statistics are collected across Canada through the Canadian Community Health Standards survey, and the collected data is broken down to the regional Health Department level.

The survey results published in 2017 show that Durham Region adults are falling behind the Ontario average when it comes to healthy weights. 57% of Durham Region adults over the age of 18 years old, are overweight or obese compared to the provincial average of 54%.

The research also found through the survey, that 58% of Durham Region residents age 12 years and older reported that they were active or moderately active, during their leisure time over the past year.

This is 4% higher than the Ontario average. Durham Region is active but still over weight.

Do you feel that you are physically active but are still struggling to maintain a healthy weight?

The statistics from the Canadian Community Health survey reveals some interesting information for adults between the ages of 25 and 44 years.

The information from this age group range in Durham Region indicated that 64% reported being physically active during leisure time compared to the rest of Ontario that measured in at 53%, but it also indicated that 60% of this same age group was overweight or obese compared to the rest of Ontario at 50%.

So, although you may feel that you are being active enough to maintain a healthy weight, these research results are saying something very different.

Males tend to fall into this category more than women.

Congratulations if you are in the 43% group and maintaining a healthy weight. But for everyone else, you need to have a good look at how you measure up and what it means to your long term health.  Where you fall within these statistics can be related to many different things.

Speak to your doctor or a certified fitness professional to help you determine if what you are doing is enough.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a combination of a lot of things, including maintaining regular daily physical activity, making healthy food and portion size choices, and much more.

The fitness staff at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex Health Club are ready and willing to help you. Stop in for a free tour and a trial workout. Each membership comes with the Health Start program to help you to reach your goals faster. This great program is included at no extra cost and gives you a fitness assessment, a personalized fitness program and a re-assessment after three months with a certified CSEP-PT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer). You can get started today.

Visit Durham.ca/healthstats for more information on Durham Region health statistics, and visit Whitby.ca/fitness to find out more about fitness programs that will help you to become a healthier you. Let’s change these statistics together.

Free trial workouts for all first time Health Club participants.

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Visit Durham.ca  for more information on Durham Region health statistics, and visit Whitby.ca to find out more about fitness programs available to you and your family.

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