Everyone is an Athlete!

Twist Performance and Wellness Can Show you How

Work (or lack of) in Spring reveals itself in summer.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a teenager or active adult who wants to stay fit and healthy throughout your life, it takes planning, goal setting, program progression, commitment and consistency to create health, fitness and performance results.

People generally separate the world of health and fitness from the world of high performance training. They see a continuum from casual fitness participant to High Performance athlete.

One might toil on the Elliptical, zip through a circuit of 2 sets of 15 on each machine at the gym, dance it up in a Zumba class and sweat out some Hot Yoga a couple of times each week, the other trains 4 to 6 times per week follows a progressive training program that has intent, purpose and specificity to their goals and is designed to meet their personal, and individual needs. Which so you think will achieve the desired results? The truth is, these two individuals are not so different.

In our world, we believe everyone is an athlete. Whether you are still a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or simply an active person who wants to keep getting better, this philosophy and purpose can guide whatever kind of training you decide to do and give you the foundation to train like an athlete as well.

Athletes of every age and skill level can benefit from the same kind of planning, prescription and progression that guides high performance programming. For us, the objective is the same; TEACH them how to move and execute drills ad exercises properly, COACH them to improve their technique and be able to take on more complex challenges, and to MOTIVATE them to challenge themselves to achieve more in every training session so that they can perform at a high level in their sport, and more importantly, in their life. This is the difference between a focused long term development strategy and "working out" every day.

This is the difference between training to reach specific goals and daily EXER-tainment that will keep people active, have fitness and health benefits and burn calories but has no true long term vision. This can also be the biggest difference maker for long term adherence and success for an individual exercise program.

Heath, fitness and Performance is a Journey NOT a Destination.

To be truly successful in business, athletics, relationships and life, you need goals, proper planning and some expert coaching and guidance to help you succeed. Just showing up is never enough.

This approach towards long term health, fitness and performance demands a paradigm shift away from the idea of how hard you are working out each day towards a more developmental long term approach to figuring out exactly where you want to be annually and helping to carve a path to get you there.

The concept of Physical Literacy has come to the forefront over the past couple of years as Physical and Health education programs finally begin to shift away from teaching sport skills and move towards teaching life skills, basic movement and athletic skills that give kids the confidence to be more physical, embrace being more active and have fun.


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